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Facebook password reset

Hi Taylor,

Your Facebook password was reset using the email address +14197504086 on Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 11:05pm (EDT).

Operating system: Windows
Browser: Chrome
IP address:
Estimated location: Brunswick, OH, US

If you did this, you can safely disregard this email.

If you didn’t do this, please secure your account at

The Facebook Security Team


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Somebody requested a new password for your Facebook account

Hi Taylor,

Somebody recently asked to reset your Facebook password.

Click here to change your password.[]

Alternatively, you can enter the following password reset code:


Didn’t request this change?

If you didn’t request a new password, let us know immediately.

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The Facebook Team

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I give this show props. I’m impressed so far. New episode tomorrow night!

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Because I know. What the world is really like. I’ve seen it. And I can’t survive it.
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Untitled on We Heart It.
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Fantastic find.

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